"Those eyes. That nose. That's still you."

Note that, beyond the real-life animals, this isn't super serious. The characters are like, "characters I love and would use as a profile icon".



Koishi Komeiji [Touhou Project]
Care & Paul [Petscop]
Karen Plankton [SpongeBob SquarePants]
Herbert P. Bear [Club Penguin]
Nikaido [Dorohedoro]
Humbug [My Singing Monsters]
Jean Jacket (Not the horse) [Nope (2022)]
Mothra [Godzilla]
Hero (Piplup) [PMD: Explorers]
Sekiguchi [Odd Taxi]
Inoue Miyako [Digimon Adventure 02]
Classic Guest (Girl) [ROBLOX]
Princess Zelda [Philips CD-i] (No others!)
Agent/Captain 3 [Splatoon]
Leafy [BFDI]
Rexy [Jurassic Park]
Xenomorph [Alien]