I forgot to write this before the day ended, but i of course actually want todo 10th may's entry,so I am doing it now past midnight. i did not want to write tonight because of having bad something I dont know what the word or term is but bad reading thought thought and mind comprehension, to hands and all. And I wanted to keep the diaries as a style as i talk like 1 way because theres different ways. But more importantly i think i want to post them everyday. So its okay.

The classes of the spring semester officially just ended and i can no longer access them. It makes me a little sad because those classes were very good for me because I did really, really well in them and liked my professor in math a lot. It was really important to me. I feel invigorated.

i think if i keep it up i will do good. Also, i cant see the aurora, but the sky is purple, it is cool. There was been a lot of weird things recently. It's hard to describe, a lot of small things, I wont forget what they are, it's a lot of minor things that build up and up and make you think "is that the world?", And well, maybe yes maybe no, but it makes me happy anyways, which IS a really thing for real, absolutely, you know, the happiness that comes with it..So it matters anyways, even if the world realy is saying things or not. The world makes me happy either cold or warm, knowing or not, because it's beautiful and really nice.

I dont really know what else to add. Thank you for reading!