Argh, I forgot about yesterday's entry... really, this keeps slipping my mind, but yesterday was a really bad day regardless, and I forgot to do a LOT of things... I really should add this diary to my daily to-do list, though. Uhh, so... what's new, what's new... really, not much. The world is very beautiful recently, I feel happy when I go outside. The warmness reminds me of "home". I've never really had a proper home, so I guess Florida in general is what I consider "home". I can't think too much about that, or I'll begin to scream.

I forgot to draw a fossil cetacean species for ancient whale week. That's fine! I can do it next year, or something, I don't really engage too much with art weeks and art months and such. I like to draw whenever I can... it's hard to do it on the basis of anything! It feels forced that way. My brain is stubborn. I consider my art ability like a horse I have to tame every time I want to draw.

Well, that's all, really. See you around, thanks for reading!